Writing Blogs I Can’t Live Without (And Why)

17 Sep

As a self-publisher, the blogs of those more experienced are like gold dust. Whether I need advice, inspiration, or just a kick up the butt, I’ve been able to find it! I thought I would share some of my favourites today, and tell you exactly why I love them so much.

The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn’s blog is one of the first I came across when I started getting serious about my writing, so I’ve been reading it for a while now. The Author 2.0 blueprint that she gives away with newsletter signups was the thing that made me realise that not only was self-publishing something that I definitely wanted to do, but that I actually could do it. Plus, her fiction is brilliant!

Catherine, Caffeinated

Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog is not just informative; it’s hilarious too. Hers is the blog that I go to when I need that kick up the butt that I mentioned. I’m fairly sure that what she doesn’t know about self-publishing isn’t worth knowing, and her book Self-Printed is like the self-publishing bible.


Shannon and Toni, the girls behind Duolit, are a formidable team when it comes to self-publishing and more specifically book marketing. If you want to build a fanbase or you don’t know what to do after your book is published, this is the blog to check out.

The Book Designer

Joel Friedlander’s blog is packed full of hints and tips on the technical side of self-publishing. If you need help with book formatting or cover design, this is the blog to turn to. And if you really can’t get the hang of ebook or paperback layout, check out the book templates that Joel designed with Tracy R. Atkins.

Other great blogs

No Rules, Just WRITE!

30 Day Books

Bestseller Labs


Molly Greene

Novel Girl

These aren’t all the blogs I read, and of course there are many more great writing blogs out there. But these are the ones that I have found the most helpful along the way so far.

Tell me, which blogs do you love to read (they don’t have to be writing related) and why?

2 Responses to “Writing Blogs I Can’t Live Without (And Why)”

  1. Alex J. Cavanaugh September 17, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    Thanks for the list! We can add some of those to the IWSG site.
    Elizabeth Craig’s Mystery Writing is Murder is a great writing resource. Plus she runs the Writer’s Knowledge Database.

  2. Elle Turner September 18, 2013 at 8:58 am #

    I love checking out new blogs, Stacey, so thank you for these!
    I really like Kristen Lamb’s blog on writing and social media and Rachelle Gardner’s blog with writing advice from an agent’s perspective is great too. :-)

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